Copertina libro "ARIA, UOMINI, FALCHI" di Serena Galvani


by Serena Galvani

Serena Galvani's photographic book "ARIA, UOMINI, FALCHI" is a delicate tale of images that ideally combines two ancient knowledges, the art of sailing and Falconry, tracing, as a compass, a powerful route to 'knowledge'.
Air, sky and water suggest the path to freedom, where harmony of balance and eternal spaces are the arrival  point  of strong traditions that pass throughthe time.
Serena Galvani, “ARIA, UOMINI, FALCHI” © Ed. A.R.I.E., Bologna 2016, Euro 48,00.
Photographs by Serena Galvani ©
Texts by Serena Galvani, Gianluca Dall’Olio, Giulio Guazzini, Enrico Gurioli, Massimo Vianelli, Juan Bernabe, Federico Cusimano, Mauro Freoni, Ivan Busso.

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